Being on the Potter’s wheel


“He is the Potter…I am the clay
and molded in His image, He wants me to stay.
Oh, but when I stumble…
When I fall…
When my vessel breaks,
He just picks up those pieces,
He does not throw the clay away”.

Few days ago, I came across this beautiful song written by Terry Gibbs. The lyrics is so real and touching that I couldn’t control my tears. It spoke life to my broken spirit and reminded me of God’s continuous faithfulness in my life which I often tend to take for granted whenever I am overwhelmed by my sorrows. But He is so patient with me and never gives up on me.

I could picture myself as a clay in His hand. He is working on me like the potter works on the clay. He patiently works until I will be perfectly shaped in His image and character. When the moulding process seems painful, uncomfortable and unending to me, I try to come out of it by being resentful, bitter, ungrateful and angry with God. But each time when I see myself being broken, His loving kindness surrounds me. He picks me up and again starts working on me. He is so patient with me. He wants to fashion me till I become unbreakable, useful and worthy vessel in His hands. He wants to shape me into a vessel that is pleasing to Him. That’s something amazing I learnt about God’s nature.

Many times when I felt broken, discouraged and marred in my life, I saw His hands lifting me up again. He began working over again on me so lovingly knowing my weaknesses, my heartaches, and my imperfections. Just like potter turns the wheel and shapes the clay into a useful vessel, so as all the turnings of my life were used in shaping me into a useful vessel by the Master Potter. It’s so wonderful to know that He was watching me throughout the process.

 But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him”. Jeremiah 18:4

If you find yourself being on the potter’s wheel, just trust Him completely throughout the process. Believe that He is working out all your imperfections to mold you in His likeness. The process may seem uncomfortable and unending but it will bring you out as a useful, unbreakable and worthy vessel for His glory. Just give yourself fully in His hands and He will never give up on you!

16 thoughts on “Being on the Potter’s wheel”

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  3. I love this Elizabeth. I think the thing that’s so hard about being the pot is that the pot doesn’t get to decide. It’s humbling and also invigorating…because the pot’s going to be amazing in the end. Thanks for sharing on the #sundaythoughts link up!

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  4. I often think about being that clay, yielded to the touch of the Potter. I also am reminded that it is not my job to shape or mold others and that it’s important to keep my hands off of the work God is trying to do in someone else.

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