God brings all pieces of your life together


These days the artist in me is coming alive. I love craft and it’s my most favorite leisure time activity. At present I am having some free days and I decided to have creativity time for myself. A year ago, I got a dried branch of a tree and I had an idea to make some artistic stuff out it (I usually make craft items out of unusable material) I painted it half with green color to make it a showpiece. But then I had no time to complete it and it was left at the corner of my house. Months and months went by and I didn’t have free time to complete it.

Today, I had a beautiful idea of how to make a showpiece out of it. The blueprint was in my mind. I needed to make it come into reality. I tried getting all the needed material for it and I began to complete my unfinished work. I painted it green but this time with a glittering green color. I made little red colored flowers with a satin ribbon and green leaves out of a craft paper to stick on it. I decorated the pot with some painted stones and craft net…and there was my showpiece ready! I felt it’s beautiful and couldn’t stop myself from admiring it every now and then as i remembered the dried branch I was working on.


While giving it a finishing touch, a thought came in my mind; God also works on our lives in the same way. There are seasons when our lives look just like the dried ­­­branch of some tree; insignificant, unusable, unnoticed and illogical. But God has a beautiful plan to make them significant and beautiful. He has the blueprints of our lives in His mind.

You might think that nothing will work out well in your life, you will always be unnoticed, left somewhere in the corner or will be considered worthless. But He works to bring together all pieces of your life to make it beautiful in His time. Your life may not make sense now but trust Him, He is working on it. It is hard to believe His promise and plans in the midst of your disappointments and frustrations but when He promises, He sure does. And I am convinced of the fact that once your life is made complete and beautiful, He smiles as He delights in His beautiful masterpiece!
“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.” Philippians 2:13

Dear Father!

I thank you that you have a beautiful plan for my life. I thank you that you haven’t given up on me. Please help me to trust your promises for my life. Please help me to overcome all refusals and doubts I face. Help me to see my life through your perspective. I submit my life into your hands. Please work on it to make it beautiful and worthy for your glory!


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