Mrs. Proverbs 31



In a time when most women were not taken very seriously apart from childbearing, the writer of this proverb dared to present a picture of woman as a glorious, vibrant and intelligent creation of God. It’s amazing to find that the Bible’s view of a ‘excellent wife’ is a women who lives in the present, who is down-to-earth and does not depose the ordinary processes of living. Yet she is wise to the ways of the world because she lives by the wisdom of God.

She is a wife of noble character whose worth is more than rubies. The heart of her husband trusts in her. Why? because she does him good and not evil all days of her life.  A submissive, supportive and trusting wife is a blessing to a man.

She raises up in the morning to provide food for her family. She portions for her servant girls. She ensures that those under her care receives what they need – food, clothing and protection. She is generous too. She extends her hand to help the poor and needy.

She is not only Mrs. superwoman in the home but she also has an interesting life of her own. She has the means and authority to buy land and plant a vineyard. She has her own creative industry which has many activities to fill her day. There is no end to her capacity. She is wise, enterprising, imaginative and confident.

What’s makes her exceptional? How can she fulfills many roles? How did she come to be like this? Her secret is that she draws her strength from the Lord. She has invested her faith in the principles of God’s word and found them to work. As she consistently applied them in her life, they became like keys unlocking doors, opening out her potentials and widening her experience. It is her attitude to herself, to her husband and to God which has formed her character. A woman who fears God will be fruitful in every good work.

Her reward? her children call her blessed. Her husband praises her. She will be remembered – long after she is gone not as a woman who looked beautiful or cooked tasty food or successfully balanced a budget but a woman who sought the Lord first of all.



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