Hope in His unfailing Love

I am glad to have my friend Louja Blesson sharing her story with us this week. Let’s read how God has helped her to soar on the wings of Faith in the midst of her trials.

Welcome Louja!

I had many dreams about my life. I shared them with my Lord always. Whenever I prayed, I earnestly ask for His will to be done in my life than my desires. I got married to a committed missionary who was ministering in Gujarat, the northern part of India. Our new life was happy. I suffered with jaundice twice, so we waited for a baby for two years. I remember the day when I knew I was going to be a mother. We were so happy with the news. But fourth month’s scanning report brought fear and grief to us. The report showed our baby had Chiari II Malformation with spina bifida. Doctors suggested us to abort the baby. They said she may die, she may be paralyzed or may have severe abnormalities.

I and my husband took a decision which was foolishness to medical science. We said we need our baby. It’s only God who can give her life or take her life away. The one who created her can heal her. We were not ready to abort her. We shared this with few people who could earnestly pray for us. I did not know how I could face those days. I can say His grace and His presence led me through the valley of agony. God helped me to accept the situation. He talked to me personally and encouraged me through His Word and servants.

Scanning reports were coming with negative impact. But we believed in Jesus and His promises. On 2nd November 2016, I gave birth to my beautiful Elizabeth. I remembered the first words of the doctor, “You got a baby girl, and the defects that we found through scanning are there”.

She had the same problems. We were shocked by hearing those words. I asked Lord, why it happened to me? She was in the ICU for two days. She had a wound on her back. Every day they dressed her wound. Her left leg only had movements. It was difficult to control her cries.

Weeks and months passed by, we were in different hospitals. We were keep praying for her. Her first surgery was done when she was one and half month old. There were 14 stitches on her back. She got infection on it and it was really worse. But my Heavenly Father did not give her to death. She was getting good treatment and recovering from the infection. Slowly she came to life and started to smile.


Now she is six month old. Doctors suggested many surgeries. But we trust in our Lord who has given us promises. He will heal our baby. She has no movements in her legs. But she will walk one day. Her other activities are normal not according to the MRI report.

Sometimes the answer of our prayer and faith may have to face challenges. But keep trust in Him. He never leave us in the midst of red sea. He will be with us always. When our hope is in heaven, it helps us to get through the hard days. The hope of God is sure, real and made possible by Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. It not only enables us to get through the hard days but also helps us to have the joy and peace in  the valley of sorrows.

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” (1 Peter 5:10).


                   Louja with her husband and their seven months old daughter Elizabeth.

8 thoughts on “Hope in His unfailing Love”

  1. The God, to whom you trust is rightous. He will change your worries to happiness and your tears into a testimony. Hold Him always because He is mightier than any impossible things.


  2. I’m glad I found your article. I would not have made sense of this topic on my own. I’ve read other
    articles on this topic, however I was confused until I read yours.


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