Guide ( Five minute friday linkup)


“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

As I imagine walking along a path with a lamp that I hold before me, I can see only the next step clearly. Everything beyond the lamp is dark and hard to see. Lamp will give just enough light for my steps and keep me from stumbling. It will guide me to the right way.

This verse took a whole new meaning for me. Just like lamp guides our steps in the darkness, God’s word guides us in the darkest paths of our life journey. Indeed it’s a lamp to our feet. It allows us to see the right way. It protects us from stumbling and getting lost on our way.

Are you walking through a path which seems dark to you? where you think you have lost the way? You can see nothing but the darkness. You feel hopeless, heart-broken and overwhelmed by your sufferings. You think to yourself that you can’t see a way beyond your trials.

Be encouraged and know that when you see nothing but the darkness, God’s lamp will guide you. His Word will give just enough light to your feet. His promises alone will show you the next step to walk through the darkest way. His word will give you hope, strength and guidance. Let the light of His Word be your GUIDE.          

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