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What Christmas means to me!

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Today I am honored to welcome my friend Carolyn DeJohn to the Blog. Carolyn is sharing a Christmas message with us this week as a part of the Christmas special message series. I am sure her words will bless and encourage you to find the true meaning of Christmas in your life.

Welcome Carolyn!

I grew up poor and I didn’t experience much peace. The very few photos taken of me did not portray a happy child. There always seemed to have some type of drama or dysfunction going on in our family.

I really don’t have a vivid memory of Christmas in our home or gifts except for the year my mom’s best friend, “Cat “ bought me an Easy Bake Oven. I was about 6 years of age. The only other gift I remember receiving was a big beautiful black doll that had hazel color marble eyes that shined in the dark but I don’t remember a Christmas celebration to go with the doll. Because of my fear of her shining eyes, didn’t want anything to do with her during the night. So she was mounted on the wall facing my bed. So needless to say, that was a gift I did not enjoy.

Also at some point in my early childhood I seen a Santa Claus but was told there was no such person. Any gifts we received came from family and they didn’t have the money to buy much of anything.

Even though gifts were not the object of my Christmas as a child, it didn’t make me sad because no one received gifts. We didn’t have a television so we didn’t see Christmas advertisement.

Our Christmas’s were more about cooking and baking. We lived mostly with my grandparents.

My grandfather was Catholic but we didn’t go to Church very often and when we did, it was mostly in Latin. I did recognize that Jesus, Mary and Joseph was involved but I didn’t understand it all and it wasn’t taught or discussed at home. Christmas programs at school were also some exposure to what Christmas is all about but no revelation of its True meaning.

My mom remarried towards the end on my elementry school years and we moved out of that neighborhood.

There my eyes were opened to the secular side of Christmas, toys, games, clothes…etc. Even though my eyes were open to the things, the ability to get them weren’t.

We started going to the Baptist Church my step-dad attended and during that time I was also introduced to the real meaning of Who Jesus is and why He was born. So much so that I gave my life to Christ! But the idea of Christmas and Things seemed to go together and engulfed my mind. It became a sad time for me every Christmas because I didn’t get any of those really neat gifts I seen on TV or any of the gifts my peers were expecting and received. And the big spread of food they talked about superseded any of the meals we had.

So I went from being content, (not happy, it was all I knew) without the true meaning of Christmas to sad and ungrateful about what I did get for Christmas. Still no Peace.

I became pregnant and married at the age of 17 to my high school boyfriend. Being married with a baby at such a young immature ages brought on many trials and heartaches. No Peace. My husband hired on at a chemical plant when our daughter was 5 months old. Our financial situation changed to the extent that we purchased a new car, a used car and a home that we were able to fully furnish before my daughter turned 2 yrs old. Financially, life was good and our daughter received enough gifts to share with at least 15 children. Christmas became about exceeding the amount of gifts we bought our daughter the year before. But still no Peace. I prayed for peace daily!

It came a time in my marriage that lead me to search for God with all my heart! I Needed Peace and I didn’t find it in my marriage, buying my daughter more than she even wanted, having a nice home, cars… None of these things gave me Peace. I heard and read Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given; And the government shall be upon His shoulder, And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” AMP

PEACE!!! The very thing I’ve been looking for all my life is found in Jesus.

Ephesians 2:14 says, “For He Himself is our peace and our bond of unity. He who made both groups—[Jews and Gentiles]—into one body and broke down the barrier, the dividing wall [of spiritual antagonism between us].”

Christmas for me is the celebration of Jesus, KING of kings and LORD of lords. My Savior Who came to bring us  PEACE on earth. Christmas means I have peace with God. He is pleased with me.

Hebrews 13:20-21 AMP says

“Now may the God of peace [the source of serenity and spiritual well-being] who brought up from the dead our Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of the sheep, through the blood that sealed and ratified the eternal covenant, equip you with every good thing to carry out His will and strengthen you [making you complete and perfect as you ought to be], accomplishing in us that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ, to whom be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Merry Christmas to you!

Love♥️ Blessings & PEACE

Carolyn DeJohn

IMG_2135Carolyn reside in Texas. She ministers to women through WOVEN- Women Of Valor Edifying Nations Ministries

You can join her at

Instagram: @woven_strong



6 thoughts on “What Christmas means to me!”

    1. Thank you stillmarriedministries
      I am always happy to share my experiences hoping it will encourage others.
      To you, your family and Ministries.


    1. Thank you!

      Philippians 4:7Amplified Bible (AMP)

      7 And the peace of God [that peace which reassures the heart, that peace] which transcends all understanding, [that peace which] stands guard over your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus [is yours].

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Amen Vivian
      Because of Jesus, we have peace with God. Apart from our God, life makes no sense at all because of the trials and tribulations we face throughout life. But with God we are comforted and encouraged through them so we can comfort and encourage others. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)
      Thank you Vivian and many wonderful blessings to you and your family this Christmas Season.


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