For Times When A Miracle Doesn’t Choose You

He came to tears just with the appearance of books, notebooks and pencils on the table. I had no idea how to start and what to teach him. I asked him to read a lesson from his textbook which he did with a gloomy face. However, when I ask him to write the answer on the exercise page, he threw the pencil away, tried tearing the page and went and slept on the bed. That was my first day of home schooling my 7 year old son Asher, a year back.

Tears streamed down my face and in my mind I was pleading with God to please open some ways for him. I was asking God for a miracle; a miracle of some school which would accept him, a miracle of someone who would step into his life and teach him by compassionately understanding his needs or maybe at least his father to take up the responsibility of teaching him as he is much closer to Asher. It really didn’t make any sense to me that such a challenge should come my way. I asked God for some alternative ways to show up as I wasn’t ready to take up this responsibility of teaching him at home. My days were already filled with caring for the needs of my 6 years old daughter who wanted me almost all the time. One more responsibility felt demanding for me.

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