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Will They Choose Me?

Most new things in his life are very stressful for him but this camp however was not. My 8 years old son, Asher, joined a three days kids’ camp online and seemed really excited about it. To my amazement, he did participate in it very well. There were action songs, games and Bible-based activities which he did with my help and actively involved himself in learning.

Whenever the winners’ names were announced, he waited with hope that his name would be called out too. Each time they announced the winners’ names he would turn to me and ask in excitement, “Mummy, will they choose me?” Consequently, in three of the activities he participated, his name wasn’t in the winners’ list. Seeing his gloomy face for not being chosen, I would assure him that among two hundred participants, they chose only the first 10 or 20 kids, you see the rest of the other kids aren’t winners too. But he was too determined and hopeful to be chosen.

On the final day, once again when the winners’ announcement was being made, I could see the joyful expectation on his face as he waited to hear his name among the first 20 kids who solved the crossword puzzle of a Bible verse. And this time too he asked,” Mummy! Will my name be there?” I felt sorry for my boy. I smiled as I nodded my head and said, “Hmm…Let’s see” but wondered if he would be chosen this time. I even pleaded with God saying, “Lord, please, please let his name be there. He is so happy being part of it and feels just like every kid here in the camp.

His name was called as the 17th winner but it felt like a grand victory to this little champ. He jumped in his chair as he heard his name and saw himself on the main screen. Finally he was chosen and the sparkle in his eyes conveyed his joy. In the last couple of years, he hasn’t heard his name being called as a winner. He wasn’t chosen or included in much of anything. Some of the traits of ADHD disqualified him from being in school and learning with other kids. He had no opportunity to participate in any sort of competition or game in the past years so the feeling of inclusion was just so thrilling to him.

At the end of the camp, as the host prayed, along with a couple of kids’ names he called out Asher’s name in prayer and said, “Asher, the Holy Spirit is with you.” My eyes filled with tears and my heart felt heavy as the prayer served a beautiful reminder to me that he is indeed chosen, chosen by God!

So you and I are!

It feels good to chase after the world to get ourselves chosen. We look to every place except The One to get our acceptance. Accolades from the world make us feel much more worthy than looking to an invisible God for His approval. We look for places and people to choose us, to approve us and to include us, constantly asking the questions: Will they choose me? Will they call out my name? Will I be included?  How many likes, views, comments and followers will I have? But we often overlook the one who has already called us by our name and who has already chosen us in Him, through Him and for Him. No matter how many rejections we face, no matter how many disappointments we encounter, with His loving kindness and with His out-stretched arms He calls out you and me saying, “I have chosen you”. And that’s what matters the most. Doesn’t it?

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