Daphne Winkins

I came across Elizabeth’s Blog through my FB page last year. I went back to read her blogs and spent an entire afternoon going through it’s contents. I later sent her a message on FB which she replied to immediately and since then we have been good friends. I believe El ( as I have affectionately come to call her) is God-fearing and cares more about what God thinks in any situations than her human counterparts. I admire her resilience in the face of what others might consider unfair and applaud the strength , determination and infinite patience she displays. her Blogs address hard to tackle topics and emotions that most at one point of time or the other feel and God’s biblically backed solutions for them. Her writing is sincere and heartfelt and never fails to make me think. It has called me to have a closer walk with Jesus and kindled a desire to be more like Him. I pray that many more lives are touched by El’s writing, that the lost will find their way back to the fold and that God might be glorified through her life and that of her family! – Daphne Winkins, Chennai, India